About Us

Our Three-Dimensional Capital™ model provides a differentiated and innovative approach to investing in rising markets.

The experienced and knowledgeable investment team of One Thousand & One Voices™, coupled with the Three-Dimensional Capital™ of the family offices invested, create powerful resources for portfolio companies.

Three-Dimensional Capital™ consists of:

Relational Capital – Relationships are a critical component of business, and the family offices investing with us bring extensive relationships in their respective industries and geographies. Relational Capital will be provided in some of the following ways:

  • Direct access to industry experts
  • Introductions to potential customers
  • Introductions to and leverage with key suppliers
  • Introductions to management teams in similar industries
  • Introductions to potential trade buyers and partners

Intellectual Capital – The family offices involved bring a robust network of business insights and expertise that is accretive to the various industries in which we will invest, and they will share their meaningful tactical and strategic insights with company management teams on an ongoing basis. Intellectual Capital encompasses:

  • Strategic and tactical counsel
  • Entrepreneurial insight
  • Functional expertise
  • Board membership

Patient Financial Capital – This provides the Fund with the valuable flexibility to avoid premature exits from fundamentally sound companies facing short-term challenges. We believe this flexibility will prove valuable to portfolio companies in comparison to the more constrained, shorter-term traditional private equity fund investment lifecycles. Patient Financial Capital is:

  • Geared to the business cycle and market environment of some of the fastest growing regions in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Flexible enough to avoid pressure for premature exits
  • Expected to drive greater value creation, greater impact and greater absolute returns, while reducing investment risk for families