Investment Mandate

1K1V’s investment approach leverages the best of what free enterprise has to offer by applying the Three-Dimensional Capital of industry-leading family offices to build transformative companies the right way.

Our model of Three-Dimensional Capital of our industry-leading family office investors from around the world provides a differentiated and innovative investment approach compared to many traditional private equity funds operating today.

By deploying the Three-Dimensional Capital of our investing family offices, we expect to support the growth, expansion and value-creation of our portfolio companies’ while simultaneously promoting the creation of jobs.

Relational Capital and Intellectual Capital provide us with the capacity to guide growth during the investment period while also providing insights on potential exit alternatives as international companies establish footprints in Africa.

This Three-Dimensional Capital model is expected to reduce investment risk by ensuring high-quality initial selection, relevant and impactful value-add during the investment period, and the creation of attractive exits.

Sector Focus & Investment Amount

Designed by leading family offices for family offices, 1K1V is designed to enhance the best of what private equity investment offers with the Intellectual Capital, Relationship Capital and Financial Capital—or Three-Dimensional Capital—of industry-leading family offices.

Geographic Focus

  • “Rising markets” anchored in Southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa
  • High-growth economies with requisite socio-political stability
  • Regions where Three-Dimensional Capital can be leveraged

Industry Focus

  • Industries benefiting most from Africa’s rising middle class such as
    consumer/retail, agribusiness, logistics/distribution and manufacturing
  • Industries where 1K1V’s Three-Dimensional Capital can be deployed
  • Real estate and infrastructure investments excluded

Target Businesses

  • $2 million to $15 million of EBITDA with significant growth trajectories
  • Leading market share and sustainable competitive advantages
  • Businesses where Three-Dimensional Capital can be deployed
  • Family-owned businesses (which comprise the majority of Africa’s companies)

Transaction Structure

  • $10 to $40 million investment per transaction
  • 10 to 15 investments across the fund
  • Control, buy-out and influential growth equity positions
  • Board seats anticipated


Redsun Dried Fruit & Nuts (Pty) Limited (“Redsun”), formed in 2009, is a processor and distributor of high quality raisins produced along the banks of the Orange River in the Northern Cape of the Republic of South Africa.

South African raisins, which are produced along the very arid and hot Orange River, are sought after for their high quality, sweetness and texture. Since 1K1V’s investment of growth capital in 2015, Redsun has expanded its operations and increased its production to represent one of the leading raisin producers in Africa, of which over 95% have been sold to the export markets in Europe, North America, South America and the Far East. 1K1V is assisting Redsun with further growth and diversification plans.

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Beefmaster Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“Beefmaster”) is South Africa’s most vertically integrated producer of beef related products, currently producing approximately 2,500 tons of meat each month for a range of markets.

Established in 1986 and based in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, Beefmaster is a family operated business. As South Africa’s biggest beef exporter, Beefmaster’s operations include a leading abattoir, feedlots, logistics and distribution operations and multiple branded retail outlets. 1K1V invested in Beefmaster in late-2015, adding growth capital and strategic oversight.

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