Investment Strategy

Backed entirely by industry-leading family offices, 1K1V’s investment strategy blends Africa’s favorable “top-down” macro trends with “bottom-up” opportunities to leverage our family offices’ Intellectual Capital (business know-how), Relational Capital (business relationships) and Patient Financial Capital—or “Three-Dimensional Capital,”—industry-by-industry and geography-by-geography, in every transaction, targeting higher returns, lower risk and greater job creation.

1K1V combines its seasoned investment team, deep portfolio company operational capabilities and diverse local and global networks to source, underwrite and invest in unique and proprietary opportunities. With headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa, and offices in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ebene, Mauritius and Denver, Colorado, USA, 1K1V’s team has an exceptional understanding of the African investment environment and a deep network of contacts on the continent and globally.

Culture & Values

1K1V’s values describe the behaviors and skills that are respected and cultivated amongst our team.

Excellence: 1K1V strives to be the best we can possibly be, to execute with the greatest attention to detail, to continually learn and improve and create exceptional results. We are not entitled. We recognize that excellence is not an act, but a habit. Our excellence springs from our passionate commitment to 1K1V, our willingness to put 1K1V ahead of ourselves and our desire to work as a team (rather than a group of individuals). We remain humble while we search for excellence.

Integrity: We say what we mean and we do what we say. We treat others as we would want to be treated. We do what is right, rather than what is acceptable.

Perseverance: We remain true to our purpose even in the face of adversity. We know that failure cannot be an option when it is within our ability to execute on a new model for economic freedom and for leading families to invest together for prosperity. We achieve our greatest rewards by overcoming our fears and discomfort as we achieve our mission. As Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Innovation: We are willing to take risk—the right way. We find solutions where others believe none exist. We are neither content with today nor timid in the face of new ideas; instead, we blend passion, reason and courage in our commitment to 1K1V.

Our People

1K1V has a seasoned team comprised of ten individuals with over 125 years of combined investment and financial services experience.

Spanning not only the continent of Africa, but also multiple other jurisdictions around the globe, 1K1V is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa where the investment team sits close to 1K1V’s portfolio company investments. 1K1V has critical mass in Denver, Colorado, United States, where we serve as a natural bridge for African companies expanding into the U.S. and work closely with our family offices leveraging Three-Dimensional Capital. 1K1V also has an office in Mauritius, an African country strategically located between continental Africa and Asia; Mauritius has a long history of commerce with Africa and, in particular, East Africa.

Members of the investment team have varied skills and bring deep industry expertise, in-depth local market knowledge and insights, global networks and comprehensive structuring, operational and fund administration expertise, among other skills, from which to draw. 1K1V’s members have founded and run highly respected Africa focused private equity funds, managed departments at leading, global transactional service providers, held top leadership positions in multi-billion dollar private equity funds, worked in top investment banks and been CEO’s and operators of leading Africa-based companies.